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Maple FAQ

Pure Maple Syrup is a natural sugar made by evaporation of the sap of several species of maple (Acer sp.) trees. The combination of sugar, black, soft or red maples and a climate unique to eastern North America allows for the early Spring harvest of this all-natural delicious sweetener.

  • For 1 cup white granulated sugar, Use 1 cup maple granulated sugar OR Use 1 cup maple syrup AND reduce other liquids by 3.7 ounces (just under 1/2 cup).
  • For 1 cup packed brown sugar, use 1 cup + 1 tablespoon maple granulated sugar OR use 1 cup plus 1 tablespoon maple syrup AND reduce other liquids by 1/2 cup.
  • 100 grams maple syrup = 67 grams granulated sugar PLUS 23 grams water


The influence of the maple flavor on the recipe is most closely related to the color of the syrup used. The maple flavor is more pronounced and robust in darker syrups.


The flavor of granulated maple sugar is influenced greatly by the grade (light through extra dark) of syrup used in its production.

Sap in the Sugar Maple Tree Video

Five Reasons to Buy Pure Maple Syrup

There are a number of reasons to choose Pure Maple products in preference to other sweetener and sugar products available.

It’s Natural
Maple producers collect sap from the tree and boil it to remove water to concentrate the sugars and other substances produced by maple trees. Producers who tend the maple forest rarely use pesticides and fertilizers. Sugar making from maple trees is a traditional American activity. Turning maple sap into sugar has not changed from the basic process used by Native Americans hundreds of years ago even though the equipment has. So what you consume in Pure Maple is what the tree has produced from sunlight and soil.

Great Flavor
Pure Maple syrup is a unique and complex collection of flavors, one of which is the distinct maple flavor. Americans have used and cherished this flavor for more than 400 years. There are as many as 50 natural flavor elements that only exist in the real thing. No food chemist can reproduce this. And each Pure Maple syrup is different in flavor! This is due to the unique combination of soil, weather, tree physiology, and the craftsmanship of the maple producer. Pure Maple products provide a flavor adventure similar to wine, coffee, tea, or chocolate. All of these products reflect a unique combination of plant, growing location, and processing artistry. All of this is there to enjoy each time you consume a Pure Maple product.

There are Potential Health Advantages
Although Pure Maple contains mostly natural sugars, it contains other substances as well. Minerals absorbed by the tree are present, especially calcium. Sugar maples have a high calcium requirement and people do also. Phenols and antioxidants are present and can be active against cancer and free radicals. Potential health advantages of these natural compounds have been demonstrated in laboratory testing. These beneficial substances are removed in more highly refined sugars. For those with diabetes, Pure Maple must be consumed with the same care used for other foods. Its effect on blood glucose is the same as other sugars, but it has advantages described here that other sweeteners don’t have.

Buy Local!
The significant labor involved in gathering sap in the spring means that Pure Maple has its start mostly in small, family-run businesses. This is especially true in New York. Buying local means you are supporting a New York business, a community, and maybe your neighbor. It means that you can determine the conditions of production and where ingredients come from, if you want to. Maple production in New York is subject to state and federal laws and inspections. Buying local contributes to food security and keeps your money closer to home.

Sustainable Forestry
New York is 63% forests, which is the best use for much of our landscape. Forests provide a natural filter for our water supply. They store carbon better than other landscape uses, thus combating global warming. They provide habitat for many plants and animals, helping to preserve biodiversity. They are a great place to enjoy the wonders of nature. Pure Maple is a renewable sustainable resource. Maple sugaring allows you to appreciate a small part of the value of the forest as part of your daily meals while helping to sustain this natural resource.

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